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Twin Flames and their Precious Energy

Cover Twin Flames

The life of Lusinia Anne Rose has always been infused with love for animals, plants and people, and with searching for and finding her love for herself. From this love emerged a deep connection with the spiritual world.

In 2008 Lusinia and her husband walked the Way of St. James. During this very spiritual time, this book was dictated to her by the spiritual world.

This book is intended to help us recognise the task of the shared twin flame energy by going within and finding our own energy, our own being, and from there, recognising our twin flame, our twin soul, if both souls have agreed to meet in this life. The book is also intended to make clear that your partner does not necessarily have to be your twin flame for your relationship to be happy.

It gives us the spiritual guidance to understand the spiritual connections and laws more easily and to integrate them into our lives. The words bring truth and clarity and deeply and lovingly touch our soul.

„A deeply spiritual book whose insights and suggestions make life easier, better and more beautiful. A book that brings us back to our own intuition and out of the often strenuous thoughts of the mind. Your heart feels the truth behind the words and this brings a deep sense of peace. This book is for anyone who would like to experience love and relationships from a completely diff erent perspective. It will truly enrich your life.”
Reader F. S.

e-Book ISBN: 978-3-9815403-1-4 (www.amazon.com)

Book ISBN: 978-3-9815403-0-7

Contact: kontakt@lusinia.de

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